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Located in the rapidly developing northern part of Bucharest, The Ivy features 800 units, spread out over 10 buildings with a P + 6 height regime. This brand-new complex covers over 5 hectares of land and includes many facilities which complement contemporary modern living.

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In their unique green setting, The Ivy’s apartments are a welcoming environment for a great variety of residents. With a wide range of 2-room, 3-room or 4-room apartments, you are sure to find the perfect space for you

Find here a selection of our offer. Want to find out more? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Most apartments face east or west, and many of them benefit from double exposure. This guarantees a maximum amount of daylight and adds to the light and airy feel of the flats.

The Ivy’s standout apartments and unique look are sure to make you feel at home in no time.

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Building 1 -Ground floor

N 1D1.07 1D1.08 1D1.09 1D1.11 1D1.12 1D1.10 1C1.07 1C1.08 1C1.09 1C1.10 1C1.11 1C1.12 1B1.07 1B1.08 1B1.12 1B1.09 1B1.11 1B1.10 1A1.07 1A1.12 1A1.08 1A1.09 1A1.10 1A1.11

Building 1 -Floor 1

N 1C2.14 1C2.15 1B2.14 1B2.15 1A2.14 1A2.15 1D2.15 1D2.14 1C2.13 1C2.17 1C2.16 1B2.13 1B2.18 1B2.16 1A2.13 1A2.16 1D2.16 1D2.17 1A2.17 1C2.18 1B2.17 1A2.18 1D2.13 1D2.18

Building 1 -Floor 2

N 1A3.23 1A3.21 1A3.20 1A3.24 1A3.19 1B3.22 1B3.23 1B3.21 1B3.24 1B3.20 1B3.19 1C3.24 1C3.23 1C3.22 1C3.21 1C3.20 1C3.19 1D3.22 1D3.24 1D3.23 1D3.21 1D3.20 1D3.19 1A3.22

Building 1 -Floor 3

N 1C4.25 1C4.26 1C4.27 1C4.29 1C4.28 1D4.28 1D4.26 1D4.27 1D4.29 1D4.25 1C4.30 1D4.30 1B4.25 1B4.26 1B4.27 1B4.30 1B4.28 1A4.25 1A4.26 1A4.27 1A4.30 1A4.28 1A4.29 1B4.29

Building 1 -Floor 4

N 1C5.31 1C5.32 1C5.33 1C5.35 1C5.34 1D5.34 1D5.32 1D5.33 1D5.35 1D5.31 1C5.36 1D5.36 1B5.32 1B5.33 1B5.36 1B5.34 1A5.31 1A5.32 1A5.33 1A5.36 1A5.34 1A5.35 1B5.35 1B5.31

Building 1 -Floor 5

N 1D6.38 1D6.37 1A6.37 1A6.38 1C6.38 1B6.37 1B6.38 1C6.37

Building 1 -Floor 6

Building 2 -Ground floor

Building 2 -Floor 1

Building 2 -Floor 2

Building 2 -Floor 3

Building 2 -Floor 4

Building 2 -Floor 5

Building 2 -Floor 6

5A0.01 5A0.02 5A0.03 5A0.04 5A0.05 5A0.06 5A0.07 5A0.08 5A0.09 5A0.10 5B0.01 5B0.02 5B0.03 5B0.04 5B0.05 5B0.06 5B0.07 5B0.08 5B0.09 5B0.10

Building 5 -Ground floor

5A1.11 5A1.12 5A1.13 5A1.14 5A1.15 5A1.16 5A1.17 5A1.18 5A1.19 5A1.20 5B1.11 5B1.12 5B1.13 5B1.14 5B1.15 5B1.16 5B1.17 5B1.18 5B1.19 5B1.20

Building 5 -Floor 1

5A2.21 5A2.22 5A2.23 5A2.24 5A2.25 5A2.26 5A2.27 5A2.28 5A2.29 5A2.30 5B2.21 5B2.22 5B2.23 5B2.24 5B2.25 5B2.26 5B2.27 5B2.28 5B2.29 5B2.30

Building 5 -Floor 2

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Building 5 -Floor 3

5A4.41 5A4.42 5A4.43 5A4.44 5A4.45 5A4.46 5A4.47 5A4.48 5A4.49 5A4.50 5B4.41 5B4.42 5B4.43 5B4.44 5B4.45 5B4.46 5B4.47 5B4.48 5B4.49 5B4.50

Building 5 -Floor 4

5A5.51 5A5.52 5A5.53 5A5.54 5A5.55 5A5.56 5A5.57 5A5.58 5A5.59 5A5.60 5B5.51 5B5.52 5B5.53 5B5.54 5B5.55 5B5.56 5B5.57 5B5.58 5B5.59 5B5.60

Building 5 -Floor 5

5A6.61 5A6.62 5A6.63 5A6.64 5B6.61 5B6.62 5B6.63 5B6.64

Building 5 -Floor 6

Overview Building 1
- Ground floor - Floor 1 - Floor 2 - Floor 3 - Floor 4 - Floor 5 - Floor 6
Building 2
- Ground floor - Floor 1 - Floor 2 - Floor 3 - Floor 4 - Floor 5 - Floor 6
Building 5
- Ground floor - Floor 1 - Floor 2 - Floor 3 - Floor 4 - Floor 5 - Floor 6

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Str. Jandarmeriei 9A, Sector 1, Bucuresti

9A Jandarmeriei Street, Sector 1, Bucharest

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